The 7th Proper Walk has been completed!

Proper Walk 2014 Team

The 2014 Walk team trekked – along with 18 camels and their Kenyan camel wranglers – 120.5 miles in 10 days along the Upper Ewaso Nyiro and Nanyuki Rivers on the Laikipia Plateau in Northern Kenya. To date the Walkers have raised approximately $80,000 for the 1800 children at the Makindu Children’s Program! Please help them reach their goal of $100,000.

To see pictures and videos of the 2014 Proper Walk visit us on Facebook. Visit the Makindu Children’s Program site for more pictures and videos from the 2014 Proper Walk.

If there is one last great African journey, this might be it: 160 miles of wildest Kenya, a trek done in the style of the old explorers, a pack of seriously ornery camels, and one really good cause. -Tim Cahill, National Geographic Adventure magazine, Sep 2005


This site is dedicated to the ongoing fund raising, education, and adventure that is the essence of the Proper Walk. Seven Proper Walks have covered over 1,000 miles….and have raised almost $600,000.

The Proper Walk is an “adventure for a cause” created by Michael Farley, a former ’70s Peace Corps volunteer stationed in Makindu, Kenya East Africa. Proper Walks are a biannual event that raises money for the Makindu Children’s Program (MCP), a 501c-3 supporting the Makindu Children’s Centre (MCC). MCC is a day use facility that cares for more than 450 AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in Makindu.

Please, consider donating to this worthy cause.Find Properwalk updates on twitter

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