Bill Bonwell – Richmond, Virginia

Michael Farley first introduced Bill to the MCP in 2004. He met Michael at the YMCA while exercising and during conversations he was enlightened about his exciting crusades to Africa for MCP. Bill immediately became hooked as he had given time and resources in the past to many organizations but never found one that quite grabbed him the way the MCP story did.

Bill liked the fact that one could see immediate gratification as to where the funds went, how they were used and how they were changing so many lives in a positive direction immediately and effectively. Bill decided that he wanted to commit to a walk and 2008 looked like the year to do it. Bill is looking forward to the challenges ahead and helping the MCP be a shelter of relief to as many children as possible!

Bill Bonwell is president and owner of Bonwell Capital Management, LLC. He is a Registered Investment Advisor. Bill lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Trish, daughter Maria, and dog Peeper.