Proper Walk 2004

Proper Walk 2004

If there is one last great African journey, this might be it: 160 miles of wildest Kenya, a trek done in the style of the old explorers, a pack of seriously ornery camels, and one really good cause.
-Tim Cahill, National Geographic Adventure magazine, September 2005

Proper Walk 2004
Proper Walk 2004

My name is Michael Farley, the founder of the Proper Walks that raise money to help the AIDS orphans of Makindu, Kenya. Proper Walk 2004 was the second “adventure for a cause”. Tim Cahill, a legendary adventure writer, participated in Proper Walk 04 and wrote about his experience in the September 2005 National Geographic Adventure Magazine.

Many notable experiences occurred on this proper walk but one sticks in our minds; after a long day of hiking we had set up camp and as the sun was beginning to set two Samburu warriors approached our camp in full war regalia. They were shouting in their tribal language about us trespassing on their land. It was very loud, confusing, and pretty scary. I was yelling to offer them money and finally someone took my suggestion and offered them shillings for our passage across their land. That diffused the situation and we were able to get a good night’s sleep with the warriors watching our camp to protect us from the lions.

I had the best nights sleep and in the morning as I got out of my tent, there was Tim sitting in a camp chair. I asked him how he had slept and he reported that he had sat up all night in the chair. I asked why as we had the Samburu warriors watching over our camp and Tim replied, “Yes, but who was watching them?”

2004 Intrepid Walkers:
Michael Farley – Louisa, Virginia
Tim Cahill – Livingston, Montana
Steve Randolph – Portland, Oregon
Jeff James – Harrisonburg, Virginia
Roger Evans – Australia
Amanda Perritt – Ol Maisor, Kenya
Diana Barron – Brownsville, Oregon
Winnie Barron – Brownsville, Oregon

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