Proper Walk 2006

Proper Walk 2006

Proper Walk 2006Proper Walk 2006

A ranger informs Michael that many people have died trying to cross this river and that we should not attempt it. Michael tells him we have to try. 15 camels line up in single file bellowing and gurgling while their handlers rhythmically chant to ready them to cross the murky rapidly flowing river. We all make it safely across! The crossing of the Ewaso Nyiro River was one of the truly memorable events in my life. Dennis Wininger – Proper Walk 2006

My name is Dennis Wininger, a San Francisco businessman who had the great fortune of participating in Proper Walk 2006. This “adventure for a cause” – as my great friend Michael calls his Proper Walks – benefits the Makindu Children’s Program (MCP), a 501c-3 non-profit that supports AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children.

A 13 person and 15 camel caravan covered 171 miles along the Ewasu Nyiro River in the Northern Frontier District of Kenya. We hiked and camped in the land of the lion and hyena; through Boran, Turkana, and Samburu tribal lands. It was an amazing journey for an incredible cause. The $80,000 raised helped increase the number of children MCP supports from 100 to over 300 orphans! These AIDS orphans are served by the Makindu Children’s Centre, a day use facility in southwest Kenya that provides essential care for these beautiful children.


Proper Walk 2006
Proper Walk – My Journey To Help the Children of Makindu,
is the engaging and lively account of the 2006 walk,
written by Dennis Wininger.

Enjoy beautiful pictures of the walk and the children and village it benefits!

Read all about this amazing adventure for a cause!

Contact: [email protected] to order a book today.

A percent of book proceeds goes to the Makindu Children’s Program

Proper Walk Presentation

Michael Farley – Louisa, Virginia
Dennis Wininger – San Francisco, California
Steve Randolph – Portland, Oregon
Tommy Allen – Richmond, Virginia
Phil Virden – Lake City, Colorado
Cathy DeLong – New York City, NY
Roger Evans – Australia
Amanda Perritt – Ol Maisor, Kenya

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