Walkers 2012

Walkers 2012

Winnie Barron

Winnie Barron first traveled to Africa in 1994 to volunteer with a medical mission team during the genocide of Rwanda. She became enthralled with the rhythm of the land and captivated by the people and culture. The children in particular stole her heart. In 1997 she returned to Africa to volunteer in a rural hospital in Kenya, and saw many children in desperate need of help. A local Kenyan woman shared with her a vision and dream to create a refuge for these kids, and they joined together with many Kenyans and Americans to found Makindu Children’s Centre in August of 1998. Working in Kenya as the centre’s local director for years solidified her respect and admiration for the people of Makindu, and she continues her participation with them now as a Stateside Board Member, advisor, and consultant. She continues to travel to Africa several times a year to donate her time, volunteering both at MCC and the local rural hospital.

Trained as a physician’s assistant from Duke University Medical, she worked for more than 20 years in family medicine, and now specializes in emergency medicine. She also maintains her paramedic certification, and volunteers on a local fire department as a fire fighter/paramedic.

She holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences from Duke University, a Bachelor of Arts from Colorado College, and has plans to pursue further education and certification in Global Health.

Bill Bonwell

Michael Farley first introduced Bill to the MCP in 2004. He met Michael at the YMCA while exercising and during conversations he was enlightened about his exciting crusades to Africa for MCP. Bill immediately became hooked as he had given time and resources in the past to many organizations but never found one that quite grabbed him the way the MCP story did.

This will be Bill’s second Proper Walk as he participated in the 2008 Walk. This year Bill will bring over his wife and daughter to see the school at Makindu and meet the children, families and facilitators for whom this Walk benefits. Bill is looking forward to the challenges ahead and helping the MCP be a shelter of relief to as many children as possible!

Bill Bonwell is president and owner of Bonwell Capital Management, LLC. He is a Registered Investment Advisor Representative and Certified Financial Planner. Bill lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Trish, daughter Maria, and dog Virginia.

David Brooks

David Brooks met Michael Farley in Kenya, east Africa in 1978 while he was a student with the National Outdoor Leadership School – NOLS. Dave later became an instructor for NOLS. After his NOLS experience Dave worked on the Harvard Masai Mara Baboon Project studying the male dominance hierarchy. Dave returned to Kenya in 2002 and participated in the first Proper Walk.

He also participated in the 2008 and 2010 Walks.

Dave has traveled extensively as a photographer. He now works as a photographer and as a General Contractor in Richmond Virginia’s historical Church Hill District. He is a graduate of Deerfield Academy and has a BS degree from the University of Virginia in Environmental Sciences.

Tim Cahill

Tim, 68, is a writer who specializes in travel. He is the author of 9 books, thousands of magazine articles, and the co-writer of three popular IMAX films, two of which were nominated for Academy Awards. Tim lives in Montana and has won a National Magazine Award and several Awards from the Society of American Travel Writers.

Tim participated in the 2004 Proper Walk and wrote the featured article in the September 2005 National Geographic Adventure magazine – A Proper Walk in the Kenyan Bush. That article can be found on the proper walk home page.

Michael Farley

Michael is the founder and leader of the Proper Walks. In his day job, he is the CEO of Elk Hill, a not for profit organization providing education, counseling and therapy to over 400 children and their families who experience educational, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Elk Hill operates programs at six sites throughout central Virginia. Michael served in the Peace Corps in Makindu, Kenya in the late 1970s. He has returned to Makindu 24 times in the past 24years.

Michael sits on the boards of the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities, the Virginia Coalition of Private Provider Associations and the Makindu Children’s Program. Governor Tim Kaine appointed Michael to the State Executive Council (SEC) in 2009.

The SEC is the policy board for Virginia’s Comprehensive Services Act, which funds mental health and specialized education services for children and families. Michael is also the vice president of the Laikipia Baraka School Board. Michael holds a BS degree from Wayne State College and a MS degree from Nova Southeastern University. Michael lives with his wife, Lee, 3 horses, 4 dogs, 7 goats and 9 chickens on their small farm in Louisa County, Virginia.

Marcia Moore

Marcia lives in Corvallis, Oregon and is a native Oregonian. She is married to Casey, they have three grown daughters, and in June, a much anticipated son-in-law. Marcia worked as a dental hygienist for 30 years while maintaining a small farm with goats, bummer lambs, and chickens.

She likes to travel, garden, hike, fish and enjoy the moment.

Her involvement with MCP began about 12 years ago when Don Andrews, the former executive director of MCP, fortuitously walked into her office. Even though she has been contributing money these past years, never did she imagine that she would actually be a member of the intrepid, money raising trekkers.

In January 2012, Marcia joined Smiles on Wings and worked as a volunteer dental hygienist in Thailand. They worked in simple mobile dental clinics at schools, orphanages and hill tribes providing cleanings, fillings, extractions and prevention education. Falling in love with the children and seeing the impact of her work, it was clear that this passion needed to be followed.

Marcia will be returning to Thailand in January 2013 again with Smiles on Wings.

The flame is ignited and Marcia is compelled to put love into action by joining Proper Walk 2012. It’s with great excitement and a bit of trepidation that Marcia Moore will be participating in Proper Walk 2012!! Her goal is to raise awareness and money for the children at Makindu Children’s Program in Kenya.

Education, prevention, hard work and love can ease a child’s suffering. It can be as simple as alleviating a toothache, supplying a desk, a nutritious meal, or providing an open heart. Whether it be in Thailand, Africa or Oregon, there are children in need and this is Marcia’s time to help.

Marcia’s Proper Walk is dedicated to her beautiful friend Clarisse who’s courage through life and death has inspired her to keep hope alive.

Randy McMunn

Randy grew up in western Pennsylvania where he spent as much of every summer as possible at a Presbyterian camp. The camp was new and so he literally grew up with the camp. From a ditch-digging laborer at age 15, he became the Program Director and then Site-Director by 23.

After graduating from Westminster College with a BA in Political Science, and then attending law school for a year, Randy found another camp job he could do year round at FLOC Wilderness School. Randy went to graduate school at Penn State to further study Outdoor Recreation and then back to the wilderness, this time in central Virginia at another wilderness school.

Since 1981, Randy has worked with Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, a specialty retailer of fine outdoor clothing and equipment. In varying capacities, sometimes full-time, sometimes part-time he enjoyed working with people about to go on an adventure and helping them get geared up with the right equipment.

In 2007 Randy moved into store management and led his team in the daily operation of the store. Randy later became the manager of the BRMS Outlet until 2012. It was while fitting Michael Farley for shoes that Randy learned of the Proper Walk and his idea of an adventure for a cause. Michael bought the shoes but Randy was sold! It took years of planning and getting things just right so that he could join Michael on PW 2012 – but now the time has come and Randy is excited
to have the opportunity to trek in Kenya AND to do it for a good cause – The Makindu Children’s Program!

Steve Randolph

Steve is a veteran of Proper Walks ’04 and ’06, he will be celebrating his 60th birthday a few days into the 2012 Walk – under a full moon in the Rift Valley. He is Babu (grandpa) to two grandsons. With his good buddy Michael Farley, he served in the Peace Corps (’77-80) in Machakos, Kenya – northwest of Makindu.

Steve grew up (to some degree) in Oregon and finally graduated from OSU in ’77. After the Peace Corps, he worked as a shepherd in England and then earned a masters degree at Cornell.

Returning to Oregon to work as a horticultural therapist at a VA hospital, Steve discovered that he enjoyed the therapy more than the psych-patients and has been an avid gardener ever since.

The last 25 years or so Steve has worked the food banking world (Oregon Food Bank) with a brief stint in helping homeless families in Portland.

Back in the ’70s Steve learned to play three tunes on the banjo but misplaced his banjo sometime in 1976.

Paul Baxter

Paul Baxter is a Staff Archaeologist for the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, University of Oregon. He conducts archaeological projects todocument and research past human endeavors throughout the state of Oregon.

In 1998 a small group of Winnie’s friends met in Paul and Diane’s living room and determined to help in a small village thousands of miles away. That decision led to thecreation of the Makindu Children’s Program. After six years on the board, he took a hiatus, but is now again a board member.

Paul participated in the first Proper Walk in 2002. He wrote a daily journal which he read to Diane at day’s end over a satellite phone. Diane then published the transcript on the Makindu Children’s Program webpage, which allowed a large number of people to walk with us. That journal is on the Proper Walk web page.

Paul and Diane live in Brownsville with two horses, a dog, 10 chickens, a cockatiel, a tank of tropical fish, and a 20-something year old cat. No goats. Daughter Caitlin is in graduate school in Maryland, and son Quinn is at the University of Oregon.

Quinn Baxter

Quinn Baxter is a student at the University of Oregon in the Jazz Studies department. He plays guitar and hopes to continue on to graduate school for either history or composition. His Father visited Kenyaseveral times when he was a child and brought back some toys for him to play with which Kenyan children had made. Africa intrigued him and now he’s going to Kenya in order to help the MCP.

Quinn loves to swim, write, loves music of all kinds, and enjoys brewing his own beer and cider at his home in Brownsville Oregon.