Proper Walk 2014

2014 Proper Walk raised over $100,000

The 2014 Walk team trekked – along with 18 camels and their Kenyan camel wranglers – 120.5 miles in 10 days along the Upper Ewaso Nyiro and Nanyuki Rivers on the Laikipia Plateau in Northern Kenya. To date the Walkers have raised approximately $80,000 for the 1800 children at the Makindu Children’s Program!

To see pictures and videos of the 2014 Proper Walk visit us on Facebook. Visit the Makindu Children’s Program site for more pictures and videos from the 2014 Proper Walk.

Walkers 2014

Tyler Richardson

Tyler Richardson is an investment analyst at Babson Capital Management, an institutional asset management company in Charlotte, NC. Prior to Babson, Tyler worked for The Vanguard Group in both Charlotte and Philadelphia in the Fixed Income Fund Analysis group. In 2009, he graduated from The University of South Carolina in Columbia where he was a Finance and Accounting major.

Tyler’s past travels have taken him to parts of Europe, China, the Philippines, and Central America as well as all corners of the United States. He has grown up learning of the good that Makindu Children’s Program has done for the children of Kenya from his uncle Michael Farley. He is thrilled to be a part of the “last great African journey” in 2014.

Bill Richardson

Bill Richardson is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (where he played football and was an All American linebacker) and Virginia Commonwealth University. Bill is a former program director for Elk Hill where he met Michael Farley. He is the founder of Precision Recycling Industries, a sponsor of the Proper Walk. Bill is married to Pat Wimmer Richardson and has three children, Sarah, Anne and Tyler – who is also on Proper Walk 2014.

Karl Werwath

Karl Werwath is Managing Vice President in Bank Operations for Capital One Financial Corporation. In his role, Karl leads Strategic Initiatives and Infrastructure for the Retail and Direct Bank. Prior to joining Capital One, Karl worked at Motorola for 15 years at several U.S. locations as well as in Italy, England, and China.

Karl is passionate about diversity and community involvement. He serves as the Executive Sponsor of the Capital One Hispanic Network, while serving as a member of the St. Joseph’s Villa Board of Trustees and as the Board Chair for Elk Hill, two Richmond-area non-profit organizations that support youth and families in need.

He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois-Chicago in Manufacturing Engineering; a Master’s in Engineering Management from Northwestern University; and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Chicago.

Karl and his wife, Jeana, live in Richmond with their son Scott and daughter Katy (along with two dogs and three barn cats). The core principles that guide his life are taking care of people, celebrating life every day and “Experimenting with the Truth.”

Winnie Barron

Winnie Barron first traveled to Africa in 1994 to volunteer with a medical mission team during the genocide of Rwanda. She became enthralled with the rhythm of the land and captivated by the people and culture. The children in particular stole her heart. In 1997 she returned to Africa to volunteer in a rural hospital in Kenya, and saw many children in desperate need of help. A local Kenyan woman shared with her a vision and dream to create a refuge for these kids, and they joined together with many Kenyans and Americans to found Makindu Children’s Centre in August of 1998.

Working in Kenya as the centre’s local director for years solidified her respect and admiration for the people of Makindu, and she continues her participation with them now as a Stateside Board Member, advisor, and consultant. She continues to travel to Africa several times a year to donate her time, volunteering both at MCC and the local rural hospital.

Trained as a physician’s assistant from Duke University Medical, she worked for more than 20 years in family medicine, and now specializes in emergency medicine. She also maintains her paramedic certification, and volunteers on a local fire department as a fire fighter/paramedic. She holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences from Duke University, a Bachelor of Arts from Colorado College, and has plans to pursue further education and certification in Global Health.

David Brooks

David Brooks met Michael Farley in Kenya, east Africa in 1978 while he was a student with the National Outdoor Leadership School – NOLS. Dave later became an instructor for NOLS. After his NOLS experience Dave worked on the Harvard Masai Mara Baboon Project studying the male dominance hierarchy. Dave returned to Kenya in 2002 and participated in the first Proper Walk. He also participated in the 2008, 2010 and 2012 Proper Walks.

Dave has traveled extensively as a photographer. He now works as a photographer and as a General Contractor in Richmond Virginia’s historical Church Hill District. He is a graduate of Deerfield Academy and has a BS degree from the University of Virginia in Environmental Sciences

Einar Ketilsson

Einar Ketilsson is greatly honored to be a part of The Proper Walk 2014 to raise funds for the Makindu Children’s Program in Kenya. Einar is a native of Iceland and was born in a fishing village not far from the capital in Reykjavik. Einar was a very industrious child and began working in the local fish factory at an early age. He started working off shore as a deck hand as soon as a position was available. He graduated high school and continued fishing off shore of Iceland in the North Atlantic where he earned his European Captain’s license.

In 1984 Einar moved to the United States and began fishing in Florida. Later he was hired to fish for lobster and swordfish in Hawaii. He purchased a lobster boat in North West Florida in 1992 while part of a UN commission to teach Columbian fisherman how to capitalize on their EEZ by fishing for lobster. After having researched the endeavor more thoroughly he was not completely convinced that he would recoup the investment he made so he docked the boat in Florida and began fishing on century old wooden schooners in SE Alaska where he would fish the boats out to Dutch Harbor and then further to the Bering Sea in search of Halibut and Black Cod. As the prices for Halibut and Black Cod increased it became clear that the future was in the Pacific Northwest and in 2000 Einar’s wife, Michele, and he moved their family to Bellingham, Washington where they live today. Several back injuries out at sea forced Einar into an early retirement from fishing in 2009.

While healing from a few major “repairs”, Einar began volunteering for a local Airplane Museum in the maintenance hangar. Michele and he had regularly taken their three children to airshows whenever he was home on break from fishing. This love of aviation coupled with Einar’s experience being able to work on the museum’s P51 and Skyraider propelled him into his latest adventure – restoring his original 1918 Curtiss JN-4D airplane that he purchased from Ken Hyde owner of The Wright Experience in Warrenton, Virginia.

Michele has just completed law school and two of their three children will be in college this fall while their youngest will be starting high school. Einar’s entire family, both from the United States and Iceland, are extremely excited to hear of his next Adventure for a Cause!

Michael Farley

Michael Farley is the founder and leader of the Proper Walks. In his day job, he is the CEO of Elk Hill, a not for profit organization providing education, counseling and therapy to over 400 children and their families who experience educational, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Elk Hill operates programs at six sites throughout central Virginia. Michael served in the Peace Corps in Makindu, Kenya in the late 1970s. He has returned to Makindu 25 times in the past 25vyears.

Michael sits on the boards of the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities, the Virginia Coalition of Private Provider Associations and the Makindu Children’s Program. Governors Tim Kaine and Bob MacDonald appointed Michael to the State Executive Council (SEC) in 2009 and 2012, respectively. The SEC is the policy board for Virginia’s Comprehensive Services Act, which funds mental health and specialized education services for children and families

Michael is also the vice president of the Laikipia Baraka School Board. Michael holds a BS degree from Wayne State College and a MS degree from Nova Southeastern University. Michael lives with his wife, Lee, 3 horses, 4 dogs, 7 goats and 9 chickens on their small farm in Louisa County, Virginia.